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India's pool of young university graduates is estimated at 14 million ... only 10% to 20% of these graduates are suited for work in multinational companies ... the remaining have to develop work-ready skills for employed - McKinsey Global Institute


The Institute Board consists of the Chairman, one Executive Director and one non-executive Director. The Institute Board has a Program Committee and a Finance Committee. The Institute Board also uses an Advisory Board, which consists of experienced international academics and industry leaders.


Chair, Institute Board
Professor Mike Berrell, PhD, MAICD

Executive Director
Dr Marianne Gloet, PhD

Non Executive Director
Dr Sugumar Mariappanadar, PhD, MAPS


Adjunct Dean of Studies
Dr Jeff Wrathall, PhD

Mr Murray Cree, MA (Hons) (Social Work)
Dato’ Professor Col. Dr Kamarudin Kachar, PhD
Associate Professor Dr Peter Schmidt, DBA


Dr Latha Pillai, PhD
Pro Vice Chancellor, Indira Gandhi Open University, New Delhi, India

Prof T.J. Kamalanabhan, PhD
Dept of Management Studies, IIT, Madras, India

John Vijayarangam, PGDPM (XLRI)
Director, PT Potential HR Consulting, Jakarta, Indonesia

Dr Tim Martin, PhD
Assistant Provost and Dean, Higher College of Technology, United Arab Emirates

T.V. Venkatasubramanian, MA, MPhil
CEO, Padashala Online Education, India and Sri Lanka

Dr Graham Moores, PhD
Management Consultant, Kingston, Canada

Prof Ralf Bebenroth, PhD
Research Institute of Economics and Business, Kobe University, Japan

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