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India's pool of young university graduates is estimated at 14 million ... only 10% to 20% of these graduates are suited for work in multinational companies ... the remaining have to develop work-ready skills for employed - McKinsey Global Institute


The Institute was established in 2004 by a group of academics and professional consultants to provide university quality non-award professional development education for business practitioners in China and the South East Asian region. With an established presence in these regions, the Institute will expand into India in 2012. The daily affairs of the Institute are managed by the Dean of Studies, who reports to the management group in Melbourne, Australia. The Board of the Institute is the governing body and is responsible for the Institute's conduct and programs. The Institute Board consists of the Chairman, one Executive Director and one non-executive Director. The Institute Board has a Program Committee and a Finance Committee. The Institute Board also uses an Advisory Board, which consists of experienced international academics and industry leaders.


IAPHC is an international training institute based in Melbourne, Australia. IAPHC offers Professional Development (PD) courses in both Australia and international markets. The Institute specializes in customized Graduate PD (GPD) courseware to develop contemporary management knowledge and work-ready graduate attributes for current MBA students. GPD courses in India are offered for students who aspire to work in multinational companies.


Employers of management graduates believe that academic institutes provide the 1st educational link, delivering the science or theories of management in their courses. At the IAPHC, our GPD courses provide a 2nd educational link that complements the programs offered by management institutes.

GPD courses build on the knowledge offered by academic institutes to provide graduates with additional opportunities to combine management theory and practice in simulated workplace settings. This process develops work-ready (employability) capabilities and increases a graduate’s capacity to find their dream position in a multinational company and become a star employee.

GPD courses are specifically designed around proven student centered pedagogy. This approach enables students and recent graduates to develop contemporary management knowledge and acquire the attributes that provide the capabilities to tune in quickly to the day-to-day requirements of a company.


IAPHC students would be eligible to join the Graduate Management Association of Australia (GMAA). The GMAA certifies that the subjects offered by the IAPHC as part of its Graduate Professional Development program satisfy the requirements of the Formal Education and Training component of the GMAA's Continuing Professional Development program. Students would also be eligible to undertake activities toward completing other components of the GMAA program.

Graduate Management Association of Australia Inc. www.gmaa.com.au 

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