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India's pool of young university graduates is estimated at 14 million ... only 10% to 20% of these graduates are suited for work in multinational companies ... the remaining have to develop work-ready skills for employed - McKinsey Global Institute


As the 2nd link in the chain of knowledge for work ready MBA graduates, IAPHC:

  • Builds on knowledge acquired from university / MBA institutes
  • Recognizes the need of employers for work ready MBA graduates
  • Builds on the passion of MBA graduates for learning
  • Augments HRD practices
  • Advances executive thinking


IAPHC use its graduate outcomes, which complement those of universities, colleges and employers to design our courses. Our graduate Attributes are based on management research, which shows that senior managers want self-motivated MBA graduates who are:

  • Effective communicators
  • Ethical
  • Critical and reflective thinkers
  • Evidence-based decision makers
  • Effective time managers
  • Cooperative team players
  • Leaders by example


We design courses that bridge the gap between science and practice in the workplace. Our pedagogy combines aspects of:

  • Integrative thinking
  • Experiential learning
  • Problem-based learning
  • Simulation-based curricula
  • Asynchronous interaction
  • Rich media delivery

Our tutorial activities require participants to engage in reflective thinking and communication together with maintaining a learning journal and completing a report on the employee selection processes.
We assess the contributions of our participants using the inquiry cycle and the reflective process. This process ensures MBA graduates have cognitive skills attune to the workplace and its processes.

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